0258C: Head Games

After dinner, my sister asked if I was worried about getting home. As I told her, I'm honestly not too scared despite the tense situation in the country right now. But I have spent some time considering how things might go and the way I figure it, the worst case would be being allowed home but being subjected to quarantine to some degree. That'll be annoying, but not terrible.

The prevailing fears related to the novel coronavirus do lead the mind to wander into weird places, admittedly. It becomes very easy to distrust people outside your family circle and starts to give in to some degree of paranoia even. It's the more dangerous side to such epidemics - the toll it takes out on people's psyche and how it whittles away at our empathy for other people bit by bit.

And we won't get very far as a society if we give into that sort of thinking of course. We've gotten this far in life (even as a family) but making sure to focus on what can be done instead of just of giving up and letting things happen to us or around us. It's a lot more satisfying way of getting through life, quite frankly.

So for now, I'm enjoying my time here and the time I get to spend with my nephew and the rest of the family. Everything else I'll just have to deal with when I make the journey back.