02587: Same Time Zone Jetlag

The biggest challenge of early morning flights, as I indirectly stressed in my blog post yesterday, is how the preparations around it can still mess up your body clock more than you expect. I've barely had an hour of solid sleep today because I mostly stayed up to leave the Sietch at 04:00am to get to the airport well ahead of my 07:35am flight schedule because I'm that sort of a guy.

The compelling narrative of The Farewell kept me awake for most of the flight and then it was pretty much straight to the office upon landing to salvage the rest of the workday. So here I am at the end of things still trying to get through my "dailies" (which includes this daily blog update) and the last 1k steps I need to make sure I don't miss my daily step goal.

The highlight of today though was being there while my sister and her husband picked up my nephew from daycare. He was super excited to have all of us there together I guess since he wouldn't stop jumping in place and babbling in his unique little language. We spent a good amount of time walking around the office and later playing with his toys before his bedtime and that was certainly time well-spent.

I'm super tired now and barely hanging out, but I'm glad to be back in Singapore.