02586: Here We Go

Tobie just left for Pangasinan - he and his officemates are traveling overnight in order to be there for an early meeting. Meanwhile, I'm staying up since I don't want to miss my 7:35am flight to Singapore for a rather lengthy work trip of my own. It's sad that Tobie had to leave early since we usually wait up for these trips together. Or worst case, he's who I can trust to wake me up so that I leave for my flight in time in case I fall asleep when I opt to "just rest my eyes".

So this time around I'm staying up watching BoJack Horseman with comiXology open on my computer for other reading. I have a last load of laundry running so Tobie has clean clothes to come home to and my luggage is just about packed except for a few more items that I will throw in right before I head out.

Everything is in place. I just have to make sure that I don't miss my flight. And to make sure that I lock up the Sietch securely since Tobie won't be home until late. And a million other things that come into play with international travel.