0257F: Fitness App Confusion

Okay, so yesterday's idea of checking out personal fitness coaching apps turned into this rabbit hole of research and testing that seems to have no end in sight. Considering Freeletics was just the tip of the iceberg since the basic trainer app is really more focused on bodyweight exercises while Freeletics Gym is their service that incorporates actual weights and other gym equipment.

The internet can't seem to agree on which fitness apps really stand out. Some names that come up a lot are Jefit and Nike Training Club, both of which feature interesting routines and customization options. Fitify feels like a promising app based on its UI but it's virtually unknown beyond its Google Play Store review page filled with helpful reviews by people with Indian-sounding names.

A lot of apps are great toolkits for tracking your routines and they make it easier to schedule stuff - but also assume that you know what you're doing. I guess it becomes more of an exercise in experimenting with the different libraries of routines and then put together a schedule that makes sense. A trainer would REALLY make all this easier, but I stubbornly want to figure this out instead of hiring someone to tell me what to do.

Such is the nerd gym life, I guess.