0257C: Gym Saturday Experiment

Thus far my jogs have been limited to weekdays since they generally fit into my routine leading up to heading to the office. With my new Anytime Fitness membership, I do feel a little obligated to go more in order to make the most of my investment (and not waste the fact I got the rest of January for free).

Add in the fact that I definitely ate more than I should have at a friend's birthday dinner last night, I was definitely feeling the need to work off some of the extra weight.

I'm still trying to optimize my route to the gym to save the most time and thus far I'm averaging about 15 minutes from the Sietch to the gym (one-way). Add in at least 30 minutes of cardio then time on the different exercise machines an weights and it feels safest to budget a total of two hours should I decide to go home after gym before going to work. That's a whole extra hour on top of my current time budget for exercise, but it naturally involves more activities.

I'm undecided if I want to go to work straight from the gym since it means hauling all the stuff in my work backpack plus my clothes for the day. That feels like a lot of stuff to haul around and maybe I'm just better off adding the walk time back to the Sietch to get showered and changed there then head to work as usual. It would also mean still being able to pass by my usual Starbucks on the way to the office, so there's that benefit as well. It's really a question of how much walking I want to end up doing on a regular basis and if I have the time for it.

I'll probably rest tomorrow then go back to the gym on Monday. Even though it's a holiday for us, I think it would be to my benefit to have a simulation run of trying to fit the whole routine into my schedule and see if I get back to the Sietch in time for my usual shower target time range. That'll answer how I need to refine my routine or if I need to shorten things like do a little less cardio and split the weights cycles across the different days to shorten the total gym session length.

Yes, I really signed up for the gym to run time and motion studies on myself. You've caught me.