02572: Slowdown

Day three without jogging. I'm pretty bummed about it. I should probably gamble on the condo gym in the interim to see if I can catch a treadmill at least. Or maybe I should try the free weights at home for a change of pace. At least it'll keep me busy until it's safer to breathe outside.

I'll try to start to make inquiries for nearby gyms tomorrow after work to see what the rates are like and check out the facilities. It doesn't seem prudent to sign up just yet given I have a lengthy Singapore trip coming up early February. And typically the option to start using other branches of a particular franchise only triggers 30 days later - which crosses right into my trip in a less than ideal manner. So I might as well invest some time in making sure I get a good deal and check out the facilities before committing?

But yeah, I think I'm really doing this. It seems like a fair next step in my fitness journey and it might help me push the benefits of committing to the keto diet for so long. Still nervous as heck about it and I feel irrationally intimidated and uncertain where to start. But let's see how things go.