02519: Cycling the Game Collection Further

I realize that I already wrote about this topic last Sunday, but here I am talking about the same thing again. I can't help it!

Last night a friend dropped by for an impromptu game night. Given he's not quite a regular gamer, it's always an opportunity to dig up the "classics" of our collection just so that he can experience them too and round out his gaming exposure.

One of the gems that we dug up was our copy of Suburbia, which is one of our favorite city-building games. It was a bit of a surprise that based on my game log, the last time we had played this much-beloved game was December of last year. Even the games that we enjoy a lot don't necessarily get regular love.

But it's only logical given our collection spans over 500 titles and we have only so much headspace to handle even a significant portion of the game collection. But as much as there are always going to be new, shiny games that we'll want to try, the stuff that cemented us into this hobby still hold their water.

And I say this just as we've added 4 more games to the collection. At least one of them is just a new edition of a game we already love. The rest of the stuff is just more games that Tobie managed to snag for a sweet deal in the secondhand market - which is his new hobby in recent months.

As the old saying goes, it's a good problem to have. We love tabletop games so much and we demonstrate our love by playing as many games as we can and continually growing our collection of board games whenever possible. As selective as we are when it comes to which games to add to our collection, we can also be pretty generous when you slash the price of a game low enough.

What a time to be alive...and geeky.