02515: Gaming Balance

Our board game collection is ridiculously large at this point and it's hard to balance out playing all the different titles on a regular basis is quite the challenge. Despite multiple game nights every month, there are still a lot of games that don't get played as much and it's quite the unusual geeky challenge to keep tabs on all of them.

In recent years I've been leaning heavily on the Board Game Geek app to manage our collection and track our play sessions to see how things go. There are naturally games that get a LOT more play like the different Legendary deck-building games (we've played the Marvel version at least 261 times). But there are other games that are a little harder to teach even if we love them that don't get as much rotation like Galaxy Trucker (last played April 2019) or Through the Ages (last played January 2019).  But we keep trying.

Last night we played a new game in the family, Crazy Karts, and it's a lot of fun. It's certainly crazy and quite random and a great example of designers going nuts with an idea. And that kind of applied creativity is always inspiring.

Today Tobie dug up our copy of Machine of Death to have some friends try it out. My Board Game Geek nerdy tells me that the last time we played this particular game was June 2015. Wild. Why did it take us 4 years to get around to playing it again? It's not exactly the best game in the world, but it's a unique kind of find that we do enjoy.

Thus our solution to things has been to try to schedule as many game nights as possible in order to keep the collection moving. But we also keep buying new games, thus increasing the size of the collection and sort of giving us a moving target that may forever keep out of reach.

It does rather help that Board Game Geek tries to apply unexpected academic analytics to play data and so I know know that our collection has an h-index of 20, which means that at least 20 of our games have been played at least 20 times. We need to cycle a few others in order to get to 21 games that have been played 21 times and things keep going from there. It's a weird goal but one that does help work through the collection and make sure more of the "kids" get some love on a regular basis.

How do you deal with your game collection "burden"? How do you continue to celebrate new games while still enjoying the older favorites that have been with you for years?