02511: October Sietch Updates

I didn't know what else to blog about, so I figured I'd cover a few things of note here at Sietch Vicis.

1. Pretty sure I'm going to get at least one Google WiFi pod tomorrow during Lazada's 10-10 sale. If there's a good enough deal I might go for two units.

2. This quarter I've switched us over to soft bristle toothbrushes (from medium) for the first time given my dentist chided me for brushing my teeth too vigorously. I've already worked on reducing the amount of pressure that I apply while brushing, but man this softer toothbrush will take getting used to.

3. I've been listening to a lot of keto videos this week and I think I could stand to significantly increase my greens to help augment my body to process the higher level of fat better. I may also try the whole one lemon a day thing, but will probably to calamansi as a more convenient citrus boost.

4. I finally got a proper pair of jogging/running shoes today. After listening to different advice on social media, I walked into the nearby RUNNR store that had the whole machine for measuring my gait and whatnot. So I now know that I am better off with what they call Stability shoes given my low arch and the fact that I'm apparently an over-pronator in terms of how I run. I had to try on a few pairs before I settled on the comforting feel of a pair of Brooks running shoes that were pretty awesome that I wore them out of the store and walked home in them.

That's it for now. Need to make sure I wake up early enough to actually put these shoes to good use.