0250F: Home Networking

https://homethods.com/ [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
One of the things I got to do this trip was to set up mesh WiFi systems both for my sister's home and our Singapore office. It's part of a larger effort to help improve wireless connectivity at both locations, which may not necessarily be all that big but do have some pretty solid signal-blocking walls defining the structure.

That has me feeling a little tech-envy and wanting to set up a mesh device or two here at the Sietch, which feels a little ridiculous for a one-bedroom apartment. But beyond expanding our Wifi coverage, devices like these add additional functionality such as guest logins and other controls over what happens on our network and that sort of appeals to me. And while there are certainly more robust solutions out there, I'm naturally gravitating back to considering Google's home WiFi solution for the sheer Google-iness of it all.

Maybe I'll pick up a pod or two during the upcoming 10-10 online sale day. It'll be a bit of an indulgence, but then it could also be pretty cool. and I say this even if the more noticeable effect to this may be limited to improving Wifi signal in the bathroom. LOL