02499: Journey Into Shadow

Today we played Wraith: the Oblivion with one of our newer, semi-regular, gaming groups and it was quite the session. There's still so much for us to discover about the setting, not to mention figuring out our individual character arcs, but on the whole, it's a lot of good fun. And it's not lost on me that Tobie is making sure to leave reminders of the links between the settings of Wraith and Orpheus and the whole thing has me rather intrigued.

This is a sort of mini-campaign since we're only really certain of everyone's availability for 2019. Hopefully, we'll wrap up with a solid story before the year ends so that in case nothing pans out in 2020, we're ready for it. But I'm pretty sure that whatever happens, it's going to be quite the ghastly adventure indeed.

Feeling a little bloated today but I'll be better come the work week once I get my eating better under control. Hopefully, the weather will be less gloomy so I can go jogging in the park again. Otherwise just pacing in the Sietch doesn't quite cut it, especially given I want to break 80kg before the month ends.

The weekend ends. Another workweek is about to begin.