0273A: Kindle Necessity

My first Kindle was a Kindle 3, later known as the Kindle Keyboard, and it changed my life, as cheesy as it sounds. As much as I was mostly a physical book purist up until that point, owning a Kindle changed the way I read.

Long story short, I can no longer live without a Kindle. I'm not ashamed to admit this fact. My Kindle is attached to me at the hip for the most part and I admit that I do most of my reading there versus my physical books. There are titles that I pick up as collectibles but I may still purchase the Kindle version for actual reading.

So yeah, when I realized that I had misplaced my Kindle last Saturday, I was pretty heartbroken. And when I had officially accepted that it may be gone forever the next morning, I quickly resolved to order a replacement ASAP. And even though I recovered it thanks to PAL customer service, I didn't cancel my order for the 10th generation Paperwhite.

So Tobie is inheriting my older Paperwhite since we've been sharing my Kindle library already via the Kindle app on his iPad, so this just cements things further. And now I have a slightly lighter, higher capacity Kindle and all is right in my geeky world.