02725: Data Delight

Today I got to pull the trigger on the new HRIS we're in the middle of implementing to at least get the employees into the system to view and update their own data. It can seem like a little thing but really it's a big deal given all the preparation work that has had to go on behind the scenes and all the work that I've put into it thus far. But I doubt most folks will get anywhere nearly as excited as I am about rolling this whole thing out.

I was supposed to wait for people to update their information for themselves but I keep going back into the system in order to sneak in updates on my own as one of the admins. I guess I hate seeing empty data fields or flags on my Missing Info report and so I keep fussing over things. We're not even at 100% first login compliance, but I'll keep pushing and see how things go.

This platform has so many bells and whistles but I understand that the Implementation Manager is recommending a more staggered approach to activating different features in order to give the employees time to get used to things. Slowly but surely and all that fun stuff.