02721: Data Nerdery

As we're in the middle of implementing a new HRIS and as with any such system part of the implementation process is preparing our data for upload and integration with their system. And that brings us to the forever fun exercise of data cleansing and all the usual hygiene that's needed to align our stuff with their system.

On a related note we're now thinking about how our company Google Drive is organized (or not?) and that's leading to a whole snowball of figuring out how to organize our information better. Such efforts require a lot of education, reinforcement and ultimately discipline by all parties involved. And that's the real challenge as every new person in a system adds new variations and inconsistencies with whichever system you set up.

And yet despite the challenges involved in all these processes, part of me is really, really excited about all this. There's something about organizing data that triggers a sort of a rush for me. It's probably why my work history includes Quality Assurance, Audit & Compliance and even Process Improvement related functions. So that all sort of tracks, right?