0271B: Wet Pride

Tomorrow is this year's Metro Manila Pride March and we've committed to going. For full irony, it has been raining on and off all week and it feels like there's a very big risk of rain tomorrow. This will not be our first Pride March. It will not be our first Pride March with the risk of rain. It will not be our first time to march in the rain. And in all cases, it probably won't be the last.

But one way or another we'll try to get to the Pride March this year. It's quite appropriate that we got ourselves a pair of rainbow umbrellas as accessories for the event as they're both decorative but also functional in this weather.

Who knows - maybe it won't rain all that much during the March itself. Maybe we'll get a respite this weekend. Either way, we'll march. It's too important to give up on lightly. For now, we're going to wait for the official organization to confirm whether or not things will be okay.