02698: Another Last Night in Singapore

Another Singapore trip is coming to an end as I fly back to Manila tomorrow afternoon. It has been a rather busy trip given work and family obligations but it was also another great one with great food and lots of love. This trip included my very first business-class flight, my first industry event since I joined the company, and some very special meals to boot. This is certainly a trip that really makes one feel like a COO way more than a LinkedIn update ever could.

But tomorrow I'll be heading home to the Sietch and all of our board games and other collectibles that define the more material aspects of the geeky life that Tobie and I share. It's still a business-class flight, so it should be a comfy trip but not quite as fun as the entry into Singapore given I'll be flying home alone.

Hopefully, NAIA won't be too stressful on the way in. I just want to get home quickly and safely and in time for the night's RPG session. It'll be a little tricky to get into the game mindset straight from a flight, but I'm sure I'll manage for the most part.