02860: LinkedIn Official

About a month ago my sister mentioned that they wanted to make me COO for the company. It just sort of came up in one of our many, many, many video conference conversations and the thought of it kinda floored me. This was a big deal. And it was a little hard to wrap my head around it.

The promotion was actually effective the first of April but it took me this long to get around to updating my email signature and my LinkedIn profile. It can feel like a very silly thing, but one of those steps that really make it all feel truly official. And now I'm getting messages of congratulations from a lot of the folks I worked with during my BPO years. We haven't talked in so long.

At the core, I know I can be a bit of a busy bee personality when it comes to working. If I'm not careful, I can remain perfectly content doing the same thing for years on end with minimal "career progression" or anything like that. When I enjoy my work, I really enjoy it. Money is important, of course, but I know I'm at a point when I can cover my needs and many of my wants so it's not my primary motivator for work. I work because I want to do interesting things and come up with creative solutions to problems. That's what keeps me working.

But things like this promotion are pretty big. It's a heavy title and one that I already take very seriously. I appreciate the trust it represents but it's also a little daunting in terms of what it may mean. I've never been one to give up when presented a worthy challenge though, so I know I'll continue on and do my best or perhaps better than my best.