02690: Sietch Capacity Concerns

Apart from figuring out how to get special items from overseas safely back home to the Sietch, the other big question that Tobie and I have to deal with more and more is how to store everything. We've gotten pretty creative with the use of several DIY hardware-grade shelves and assorted plastic bins and that has helped manage the "problem" for the most part.

Long story short: we probably need to find a bigger place sooner rather than later. It'll mean shelling out more for rent, which we already did when we first moved to BGC, but it does seem to be the better solution to keep in mind as we continue to amass more and more geeky things. We're not looking to find a dedicated storage space outside our residence, that's for certain. So a bigger place to live is the better solution.

I figure that over time our rent will go up sufficiently such that moving out would make a lot more sense. We'd definitely want to stay within BGC but I'm not too clear yet on which buildings to aim for. I don't think we can afford a place double the size of our present home but I'm not sure if we'll be able to find spaces a bit bigger but not too big such that it totally breaks the budget.

Our current lease won't end until December so it could be argued that it's pretty early to even consider looking for alternatives. But at the same time looking for a new home can be such a complicated and rather drawn out process so it seems prudent to start planning sooner rather than later.

Purchasing property doesn't quite feel like a priority these days, but I could be wrong. Too soon to close doors on possible options just yet. We'll see how things pan out.