0284A: Innovative Gameplay

Tobie's more recent surprise board game acquisition is a copy of Treasure Island, a creative semi-cooperative deduction game that has a group of pirates trying to find Long John Silver's treasure before he breaks out of prison to get it for himself. It's a quirky game that has everyone drawing different lines and markings on the map that represents the board and on smaller maps each player has to mark their progress and their clues as to what's really going on. The game first blipped on my radar after Shut Up and Sit Down posted a glowing review of the game. The playstyle seemed like the sort of experience we like to include in our game nights.

We've only played it once as a test and it was certainly an interesting puzzle experience. It's hard to narrow down the search across such a field, especially with the possibility that some of the clues provided by the Long John Silver player may or may not be lies. Figuring out which is which largely defines the game experience plus the annoyance of figuring out ideal search circles that maximize the ground you cover without resorting to overlapping too much in order to remain efficient.

The game isn't quite as mind-blowing as a concept as Nyctophobia was, but it's still a very creative game with a bold idea at its heart. And I look forward to the games that we'll end up fostering with this in the collection.

You gotta appreciate game designers that continue to innovate and bring in fresh ideas to the hobby. Thus we get creatively fun games like this one.

PS: I totally forgot about my past #GeekyGayming posts. Funny that.