02823: Pre-Flight Considerations Again

I have a Singapore work trip next week and so this week has me going through all the weird little checklists before a flight. Beyond the basics like thinking about what to pack and how I'll get to the airport early enough not to be stressed out, I have all the other considerations like getting as much laundry done as possible before heading out or being careful about what clothes I wear to work this week in order to ensure the clothes I want to bring me me are still clean and ready to go.

I'll be gone for about two weeks so that has me fussing over a number of things both at home and at work. I'm trying to make sure all the accounting stuff is settled and all checks that need to be issued have all been prepared. I want to make sure Tobie has ingredients for meals, even though I know he cooks a lot less when I'm not around. I have errand-like tasks like different things I need to bring to Singapore and the smaller details like making sure I setup all my payment profiles to handle the bills while I'm away both for the Sietch and the office.

If I go back to my other Singapore checklist, I think I can do without another O Bar night this week since we already had a crazy time at Gigi's birthday show last Saturday. Tobie and I have had a few good dinners out just this week largely because we also found time to watch two movies as well - Alita: Battle Angel and The Favourite, both of which were entertaining in very different ways. And we have a full roster of gaming events this weekend plus that all-important family time. So I think I'll be okay on that front before the trip.

My trips are so frequent in recent years and yet I always go through this same somewhat frenetic routine before these trips regardless of the duration. I guess it's just something hardwired into my system.