02822: Considering Plant-Based Eating

Last year I experimented heavily with Quorn given (1) they're one of our clients and (2) I liked the sustainability angle of eating less red meat given the environmental impact of the cattle industry. Then I switched to keto in September and have had some pretty great results since then. But of course I have people warning me left and right that I can't stay on keto indefinitely and thus I continue to monitor my blood work to make sure I'm okay.

This whole effort has me interested in more food research, thus I've been enjoying various documentaries in the Netflix library. The Magic Pill is the one keto-focused documentary in the library and it does rather encourage one to stay on. But on the flip side there's Forks Over Knives, In Defense of Food and What The Health that all talk about how meat is not all that important a source of protein and all advocate for a primarily plant-based diet.

It's interesting how they don't describe it as a need to go full vegetarian but instead they strongly advocate significantly increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables and making animal-based proteins a significant minority in one's diet. There's certainly an appeal to all this since it goes back to my prior sustainability concerns as livestock remain to be one of if not the greatest sources of carbon far more than gas-guzzling cars and other consumption of fossil fuels.

Not quite sure how to go about that though and I expect I'll need to do more research one again should I decide to switch. But perhaps this way Tobie and I can share in the diet more and not feel so disjoint in our eating habits. But I know this will need to be a plant-based, whole foods approach to meals while still avoiding carbs especially sugar and all other grains. That can be quite tricky but I think it's feasible. Then it won't feel so bad to indulge in a sweet dessert from time to time, which should satisfy some of Tobie's stronger cravings.