0280E: Social Dungeon Crawling

I know I've already mentioned how much I'm enjoying playing Diablo 3 with Tobie, but there's a lot more to this than just finding an activity that I can enjoy with my partner.

Diablo is a game that I first learned as a social experience. The family once owned a computer shop along Katipunan and it was through those LAN-connected computers that I first got to journey to Tristram with members of my family fighting alongside us. Sure the game also has a solid solo play mode with a rich story but playing with actual human players makes a lot of difference.

To that end I've always looked for ways to play Diablo games with other people. Before our sweet spot was the console version of Diablo 3 for the PS3 that allowed allowed me and Tobie to game together. But consoles can only get so much support and PC will always feel like Diablo's true home. And the continuing game support for the PC version of the game along with the seasonal promotions makes all the difference.

So yeah, I'm really glad that Diablo gets to continue to be a social experience for me and now with my favorite person to game with.