0280B: Diablo Pairing

Around the time the Rise of the Necromancer expansion became available for Diablo III, I got PC copies for both me and Tobie in the hopes that we could play. Unfortunately his computer at the time couldn't handle Diablo well and so that idea never bore fruit.

Fast forward to 2019 and Tobie finally has a new computer and we got to use the Chinese New Year holiday today to play a bit. A large part of my Diablo experience has always been a social one dating back to playing Diablo I in LAN-based parties so it always feels weird to play the game alone. And I'm super happy that Tobie and I can finally play together, which just reinvigorates my love for the game and my desire to play.

It's the little things really. Finding more things to do together with Tobie is always a welcome thing that I continue to enjoy thoroughly. And I doubt I'll ever get tired of spending most of my time with him. Life is so much more awesome that way.