02781: Continuing Sietch Vicis

Despite the craziness of last week in terms of closing the work year, holiday stuff and some family things on the side, we also managed to squeeze in time to meet with our broker to renew the lease for Sietch Vicis. This humble little 50sqm space has proven to be a comfy home but of course our growing collection of geekery does present its own little challenge in terms of organizing the space. But even with our rent going up this year, the space is still quite a good deal and hard to give up.

However we wouldn't be closed to finding a new place to live in time, maybe after our new lease term comes to an end. Our primary considerations for a new space would be a bigger space at a similarly competitive rate and maybe a pet-friendly condo unlike our present home.

We haven't had a dog since Yoshi and maybe the time is coming that we'd be more open to having a dog again. Of course that would change our home routine once more and limit our ability to travel since we'd need to make sure that any pet would still be cared for while we're away. Ironically we haven't really traveled together since Yoshi died as well apart from the trip to Palawan this year. So you'd think we do something about that while still without the responsibility of caring for a pet, but it hasn't quite happened for one reason or another.

Regardless, we're definitely happy with living in BGC and we want to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If that means the need to find a new Sietch in a few years, we'll certainly find a way to make things work.