02772: Storage Considerations

In our two years of Sietch Vicis in BGC, storage for all of our geek things continues to be a significant problem. Our continuing board game collecting efforts combined with my Transformers hobby and my on-going subscription to the Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships collection mean the Sietch looks more like a store than a typical home. But I suppose that's exactly how we like it.

Today we bought a few more plastic storage bins to help organize my recent Star Trek ships that have been living in random stacks around the unit. We're also making plans to get additional shelving that may eat into our walking space but will also reclaim some areas that have been conquered by games that don't fit our existing shelving options.

There's definitely some room to decongest a bit somehow. These days I feel more open towards going digital for more of my books, even if that means that I may no longer really truly "own" my ebooks because of the nuances of DRM. But realistically I do most of my reading on my Kindle and my phone and the physical books are really more for collection purposes than just for reading. And figuring out how to balance everything out is the bigger problem.

We should also probably consider a larger condo in the coming years as the Sietch can only accommodate so much geekery. But that's a bigger question that we'll have to tackle at a later time.