02757: Shifting My Book Reviews?

As I contemplate what to do with my blogs, one of the key points that I have to consider is my relationship with Angry Robot Books and NetGalley. In exchange for Advanced Reading Copies (ARC) of books. There's a commitment to review these free books that I get whether it means posting the reviews on my blog or on NetGalley itself. But if I stop the Geeky Guide or change its focus, then I'll need to do something else to satisfy the requirement.

I know that posting reviews on Amazon is great for independent authors and I also get direct offers for free books to review because of the book reviews that I eventually cross-post to Amazon for extra mileage. But personally I feel like I'd like to invest more in posting reviews on Goodreads instead, which is still an Amazon property these days. But I'm not sure how to leverage the two and if my Goodreads reviews will help authors more, would that be better?

I guess in the long run I just want to make sure that these reviews still matter. Maybe they simply don't get a lot of traction on my blog  and all the more it's almost a "waste" of writing effort. I don't like going down this rather functionalist route for looking at my blogging efforts, but with time being such a precious commodity these days, one really needs to make the most of every moment.