02756: Content Curation Crisis

This week I've been thinking about my blogging again along the lines of wondering why I bother. It's a lot of work to keep this blog and the Geeky Guide regularly updated  but it's not like there's a major strategic need to do so. While this blog at least serves as an outlet for ponderings of a more personal nature, the Geeky Guide is really just a massive factory for reviews that just keeps chugging along. It does help me gain access to review copies of books since I commit to write reviews about them on the site but beyond that it's really just a hodge-podge of things that I enjoy and that's about it.

Tobie naturally keeps encouraging me to shift time away from the blogs and instead consider reviving my creative writing. I have expressed my doubts and anxieties about doing this a few times now on this blog and they really haven't quite gone away. Expository writing is a lot more comfortable to me and doesn't rely on the need to come up with interesting stories and things of that nature. And I still feel like I don't really have stories to tell, which is a sad feeling to have when it comes to creative writing.

On the other hand, I do recognize that I enjoy the sort of public content creation process even though I have no idea if people actually read my updates. I know blogging is already a somewhat antiquated medium and the greater focus these days is on videos and even podcasts. There's a big part of my life that has been tied to this process of creating web-based content that I actually want to continue on but maybe blogging isn't the right venue anymore? Then again, who actually has time to create videos and such given our busy, busy lives.

I don't have answers for where I want to go moving forward - at least not yet. I tried asking Twitter friends but no one really replied and so that says a lot about how much (or how little) people care about my blogging efforts. It's a weird life.

I still want to do something outside my regular work. Writing is still my first love but creative writing is still a big frustration. I'm open to something like vlogging or podcasting but I also don't want to become that annoying person taking videos in public places and talking to a device like an idiot.

So what now?