0270C: 1-2-3-4-6-9-12-18-36

36 is one of the rare even numbers that I can appreciate. It's one of those numbers with a lot of possible factors. Even if you just think about its prime factors you'll get 2x2x3x3, which is still pretty cool since it means it's a number that results from adding two squares together. And it's still a more interesting number than 35.

On top of all the social media greetings, the major birthday highlight of the day was the unique birthday celebration that the office threw for me. That had setup these Studio Ghibli decorations and a few of them dressed up as surprising character choices and had ordered a very diverse lunch. On top of all that, they had also purchased a copy of Photosynthesis, a game that I've been eyeing for some time and had been waiting to go on sale before purchasing. They had felt the game was thematic to the Studio Ghibli theme.

To cap things off, Tobie, Flip and I ended up having  a good dinner at the Japanese restaurant in the area that we enjoy and that's about it. Admittedly we got the bulk of the need to party out of our systems over the weekend and we're still feeling the fatigue that comes with two straight nights of O Bar.

Oh Age, you cruel beast.