02482: 7 x 5 = Me

It's official - I've moved up to a new marketing age demographic, this being the 35-44 age bracket. I don't necessarily feel any older but I certainly don't feel any younger so I guess it's all the same. But it doesn't mean I don't appreciate who I am now and where I am today.

In recent years there are certain "traditions" of a sort when it comes to my birthday. There are the birthday celebration game sessions with various groups of friends. There's my efforts to snag books for my Kindle through my Amazon wish list. And of course there's the crazy celebration at O Bar.

When Tobie and I were just starting out we tried to setup pretty big O Bar birthday celebrations with as many friends as possible. These days it's more about the quality of the friends and those who already enjoy going to the bar to avoid culture shock or whatever. And thus the numerous moderately-sized celebrations make more sense and give things greater focus. I know Tobie still tries to invite more friends to join us behind the scenes in an effort to help make these birthday celebrations feel even more special but then I think we've both reached that point where we temper our expectations to avoid too much disappointment.

When we celebrate at O Bar we never ask for any special treatment from the bar apart from help getting a table to accommodate expected guests. We don't even send out requests to the O Divas for numbers to perform. But every year they try to do something special and whether that means a full set of performances or even just one song, Tobie and I are always gracious for the love.

And last night had all the hits including a Kylie Minoque opening number, some fun Broadway numbers and of course Precious performing the Katy Perry Birthday Song. And yes, this is the inevitable moment when I expect to get dragged on stage to be with her during the number. This may or may not include cake or some other gift. It's all good fun every time and it never gets old. I love O Bar and the O Divas and moments like that remind us they appreciate that love as well. And it's why the place remains like a second home complete with a warm and loving family.

So I'm 35. Let's see what comes next.