0270B: O Bar Celebration

So after the musical joy of Saturday night at O Bar, we confirmed plans to go back the following night in order to celebrate my birthday without the distraction of the musical event. The result was me needing to go up on stage to receive a birthday cake from the O Divas and I got some special Kylie Minogue numbers in the second set as well.

We made sure to share the cake with other friends at the bar and we got a fair number of shots in exchange. Tobie and I eventually went home with the odd combination of leftover chocolate birthday cake and a pack of liver pâté made by one of the owners.

And while I appreciate the many friends who joined us for the musical night on Saturday, I'll have to admit that the Sunday night was extra special. There's friends and they'll always be there and we'll see them in other venues, mainly board game sessions. But O Bar is indeed a family to us and it was great to celebrate with them. I love the O Divas and all that they do. I love the O Dancers who kill it every night across so many different numbers. I love the staff for taking care of us every night. And I love the owners and operators of the bar who have provided us with a special home.

Here we go birthday. The weekend set a tall bar.