02694: Writing Blocks

Tobie Tobie got to participate in an LGBT Panel at the 2nd Philippine Romance Convention at iAcademy today together with comic creator and playwright Carlo Vergara and ever fabulous drag queen Dee Dee Holliday. This was followed by the launch of the fourth Talecraft Master Story Creators Anthology of which Tobie contributed one of the stories that had been selected.

Tobie had asked me if I had wanted to write for this collection but the romance slant to things felt quite outside my comfort zone so I declined. But I know a larger part of the reason was also my reluctance to write anything since it has been such a creative struggle in recent years.

So this is another blog post where I write about not writing creatively. Tobie keeps pushing me and I love him for it but it's a hurdle I can't seem to surmount for one reason or another. It frustrates me but all my efforts to write still feel so contrived and unimaginative. Nothing I create seems new or novel or anything that I should feel proud of and I don't know why I even bother to try sometimes.

But I'll get over this in time. I really ought to re-prioritize things and find a new path forward.