02615: Writing Envy

So I just finished reading Jessica Jones Vol. 2 - The Secrets of Maria Hill, and I really enjoyed the experience. Bendis managed to play with what we like about Jessica Jones as a detective but also Maria Hill as a secret agent - or at least a former one as of the time of this book. The basic premise is that Maria Hill comes to Jessica Jones to ask for her help. The case is her own - to figure out who is trying to kill Maria Hill. And the waty things are resolved is somewhat surprisingly but on the whole quite fulfilling.

This is just another example of a piece of writing that amused me, heck, even impressed me to some degree. The way the story was structured as simple enough but it all just felt so clever. A lot of good Doctor Who stories feel the same way to me. That twist at the end really brings things home and makes the whole storty so much better for it. And it's writing like that that really makes me wish I could come up more creative ideas like that.

A friend who has recently allocated time to writing threw me the classic line that I should write the stories that I want to read. But whenever I ask myself that question, I don't know how to answer things. What stories do I want to read? What writing genre or niche do I want to contribute to?

The fact that I have been unable to answer this question for years now is one of my biggest writing frustrations and it's also why I haven't gotten around to any serious creative writing for quite some time. It annoys me that it feels like such a big barrier to me and I'm angry at the possibility that I maty just be rationalizing this as an excuse to prevent myself from even trying.

What story do I want to tell?