0268B: Socializing

These trips to Singapore inevitably involve dinner with my friend Dave. What started as a Twitter friendship has become a regular highlight of my trips here as we figure out where to meet for dinner and spend at least an hour talking about life in general. A lot of inevitable discussions related to the situation in the Philippines (the sort you end up keeping off social media) and then we call it a day. It has been our habit for more than a year now (at least?) and it's always something to look forward to.

Coincidentally this trip also allowed me to meet some new people at the office so it's been a good trip for socializing, I suppose. Technology does a lot to help bridge the gap between our two office locations but there's still nothing like some good face-to-face time to help smoothen things out and provide a more solid basis for future conversations online.

Also managed to swing by Paradigm Infinitum but only found one game expansion to purchase. I still need to make time to pass by Books Kinokuniya before the week ends in line with my usual Singapore checklist and the convenience of the nearby bus route certainly ensures that'll happen.