02685: Book Traffic Management

So I feel like my reading queue is getting away from me and it's starting to stress me out a bit. I had gotten pretty ahead of the curve for my annual reading challenge that included being almost 50 books ahead of my goal, albeit largely because of my comic book reading efforts. I used that lead to invest in reading other titles and more longer form comics like a compilation of all issues of Marvel Super-Villain Team-Up.

Then there's my concerns that I have not been reviewing books shared specifically for that purpose so I'm in catch-up mode there. So after finishing Star Wars: Thrawn I've shifted back to reading review stuff. My reading juggle is now like this:

  • Kindle (Primary) - If Then (review title)
  • Kindle (App) - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  • comiXology App - Marvel Super Villain Team-Up
  • Audible - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
  • Physical Book - None at present
But as my Goodreads Reading Challenge progress is down to less than 30 books ahead of my target reading pace, I've gone back to buffering things with comic volumes, which still involve a fair amount of reading.

Whoo boy.