02660: Short Runway

For most this is a three-day work week given today's Independence Day holiday and Friday's Eid‘l Fitr holiday. On the home front Tobie had an offset holiday on Monday while Friday's Eid‘l Fitr holiday is one of the few that both Manila and Singapore shares and thus we both have the day off. Throw in the rains that have been troubling the country since Friday and one can't help but feel that things are moving slower than they normally would.

Shorter work weeks like this are quirky that way, but the week is not without its fair share of things that need to get done. The shorter week means less time for the same amount of work and that's not always fun, but it's how the ball rolls, as it were. Oh life.

Things would get by faster if I were feeling better. At least the feverish feelings are gone (or at least under control thanks to the meds) but I continue to have the sniffles and a cough keeps trying to bubble up. I'm trying to keep things wrapped up tight but we'll see how things resolve in the end. One day at a time.