0265F: Heavy Rain

It is rather ironic that Domeng was reclassified as a typhoon around the time it left the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) and most of the rains that we've been experiencing in Metro Manila since the weekend are actually just monsoon rains enhanced by Domeng's passage. Not exactly the sort of weather you want when you're already feeling under the weather. But it is what it is.

I think I got pretty lucky today both going to work and heading home after since I only had to deal with a steady drizzle at best during my walk. Both cases had the rain increasing in strength shortly after I had settled in after the walk, which is a bit of a relief. But I don't exactly plan on luck and have been making sure to have an umbrella on me at all times. And that means lugging around a full-sized umbrella often as a walking stick as I'm not a big fan of those foldable ones that offer limited protection and tend to be flimsy.

Weather projects show that we're probably going to have rain for a better part of the week. While I do enjoy the cooler weather, the rains do make getting around more difficult that it needs to be - and we have the advantage of just needing to walk to and from work! Had we still been living in Cubao, well, I can only imagine how miserable we'd be.

Stay dry as best as you can everyone! The rainy season has truly begun.