02631: Today Is A Great Day

And while on the surface today hasn't been all that eventful, let's how to the thought that this is meant to be the Perfect Date.

ONE: Today is more or less Avengers Day as it marks the debut of Avengers: Infinity War in the Philippines. Initial reviews have been pretty positive and friends who have already seen the movie via advanced screenings or having free schedules today have reinforced this notion. And you know me, I just want to see Thanos be totally kick ass on screen.

TWO: There's the internet-popular quote about April 25 being the perfect date due to where it stands in terms of the weather. And this is probably more true in a location with 4 seasons versus our wet and dry tropical seasons, the weather today has been oddly mixed with both a lot of sun and some intense rain earlier in the afternoon. Close enough, right?

THREE: Most importantly, today is Tobie's birthday and it's as good a day as any to get a nice dinner out and watch an awesome movie together. It may not seem like much in terms of birthday plans but it's hard to celebrate during the work week and so we'll try to make up for things come the weekend. In the meantime we have an excuse to make every day of this week just a bit more special. Case in point: last night we played Kanban for the first time as Tobie has been eager to get the game for our collection. It is besides the point that I won the first game.