02608: T-Minus 8 Hours to Manila

So I'm flying back to Manila tonight as I'm all set for a 02:00am red eye flight via Jetstar. I've come to trust the airline more than others in the budget industrty, at least with respect to flights to and from Singapore. Plus their self-checkout counter at Changi is a treat in itself.

This was quite the busy and productive trip, as if any of my past trips ever felt like a waste of time. Whether for strictly leisure activities or for work, there's always something to do here. My sister always tells me that I should try traveling to other countries but I do like the familiarity with Singapore over other places. We're still keeping Japan in view but maybe Hong Kong might be a more realistic interim travel destination. Or something. Who knows, really?

As for now I'm trying to keep calm as my asthma has been rather elevated as of late and the last thing I need is to be wheezing and struggling to breathe on the flight back. I still need to settle a few things to pack but I got most of it done this morning - as if I even travel with all that much gear.

Just a little more to go and I'll be on my way home to Tobie and the Sietch.