02561: Destination: Japan

While I'm already thinking about my brief work trip to Singapore this month, a discussion with a friend has us both thinking about the possibility of finally visiting Japan this year. Non-work travel pretty much ground to a halt in 2015 with Yoshi's diagnosis of kidney disease and 2016 was dedicated to his life and his eventual passing. 2017 was a year of financial recovery and some big changes with our move to BGC.

With our lease secured for another year and things going well career-wise for both me and Tobie, maybe it's time we finally revive the notion of travel. Singapore is the low-hanging fruit as we do enjoy our time there but Japan has always been on our list of places to visit when the subject of international destinations comes up. It's a place that we definitely want to explore and fully experience the culture as best we can. Plus we want to visit key places like the Studio Ghibli Museum, should the chance come up.

Then there's Tobie's gaming network connections that includes at least one person to visit while in the country. Then mayhaps we might find away to visit other far-flung friends who also work there for the time being. It's rather ambitious to consider and if our Singapore explorations are any indication, it'll probably take more than one trip to see all that we want to see and meet up with all the people we hope to. We just need to get over the jitters of the complexity of such travel and start mapping out concrete plans.

I think signs are pointing in the directio of making 2018 the year we finally visit the land of the rising sun. But we'll see how things go! I feel like there's going to be a lot of research and planning that needs to happen before the trip materializes.