02536: Two Steps Back

So let's take a moment to write all this down.

Despite my efforts of trying to shift to more meat-free eating through Quorn, this morning I finally confirmed that I had gained weight regardless. This is not a surprise to me as I've been feeling heavy as of late and I know that I've also been snacking quite regularly at work and weekend game nights are pretty heavy eating nights.

So let's write about all this in order to remind myself to do better. It's a waste of Quorn not to be smarter about this.

It also doesn't help that it's not like I've taken on any other physical activity beyond my brief walks to and from work. November is halfway over and I still didn't get around to even inquiring about possible yoga classes in the are - an idea I started toying with in 2014 apparently and again this last July. I had also bought a pair of gym shorts shortly after moving to BGC and I've never gone jogging once. And we also haven't visited the gym or the pool since we moved into this condo either. Good times.

It's always hard to start but it's crazy easy to slide back into bad habits. And writing about all this is the very, very least that I can do about things. But I gotta start somewhere.

Need to make changes. Do better.