0223A: Another Vacuum

So I bought a cordless vacuum for the office today. I had long been considering this one since cordless vacuums of decent strength seem few and far between in this country for some reason and I'm a big of a sucker for various "As-Seen-on-TV" style products such as what JML distributes in the country. Admittedly, it's been a while since I've sat down to watch infomercials (or local live TV for that matter), but there's something about that pitch style that really gets me.

Today I made time to visit ACE Hardware and let the sale guy go trough his pitch. He walked me through all the features of the device and he did a few demonstrations well. What can I say, I was genuinely interested in the product coming in given it was cordless and you all know I love vacuums. And while I did have a few questions here and there, I know I largely let him talk for his sake. I had been in sales for years and it sucks when you never get to finish your presentation. So I was curious to see how he'd walk me through and I think I got a pretty good guy today.

I also bought a new belt (FINALLY) - this took less than two minutes to settle once the clerk found the belt I described. With clothes I'm overly functional, I know.

Now I want to go back to playing LEGO Dimensions or something.