02D40: Invisible Sun Setting

Wednesday - Pork Sinigang

Tonight we managed to wrap up our Invisible Sun campaign after an inadvertent 2+ month hiatus. Everyone was eager to play but real life just kept getting in the way and seriously complicated our scheduling. But we got to reconvene today and we agreed that we were going to wrap things up - and we did. It was a pretty good ending and we enjoyed the game as a whole despite quirks in the system. And any campaign that manages to find an ending is definitely a good one as so many games end up going without resolution for one reason or another.

I'm slowly whittling away at my reading queue and I'm down to being about 9 books behind versus being 14 books behind. My a-book-a-day reading goal for the year is structured around being smart about my reading choices as I need to balance longer books that I enjoy with lighter material that is quicker to read here and there.

On that note, I've run out of Alexis Hall books in my immediate reading queue. I have so many other LGBT books in my digital collection thanks to near-daily sales so I shouldn't go buy more. But I kinda want to at least finish the Spires series of books of which I have the first two. But it's not like a deeply interconnected story across the titles - just ones with a common theme. Or maybe I should finally shift back to like Star Trek or Star Wars books as Pride month is over and maybe I don't to keep subjecting myself to gay romances. Not that I don't enjoy them mind you - they are quite the guilty pleasure. I can go either way.

Tomorrow is the washing machine pull-out day and also a regular busy Thursday. Let's see how Tobie and I get through the day while also waiting for people to take the damaged unit away.