02D3F: Tuesday TV Update

Tuesday - Corned Beef Cabbage

It has been a while since we last had our laundry done outside and it certainly feels rather weird. I had to prepare another batch just as I picked up the last one and this is going to be the pattern for the next 2 weeks or so. The laundry service in the building likes to attach tags to each piece of clothing in order to avoid the different loads mixing. But it does add the extra step of me needing to look for each tag, cut it off, and then re-fold the clothes afterward. And while I appreciate having a bit of participation in the overall laundry process, it is a quirky additional step, especially since they put the tags in different places. I'm just glad that it's a piece of thread and a strip of cloth - we once had a laundry service that would staple their tags on and that's always (and literally) a pain.

On the flip side, here's our current TV show mix.

Our active K-Drama is It's Okay Not to Be Okay. We were warned that it's a heavy drama, and it sort of is given how it deals with mental illness and potentially some trauma. But there's still a romance at the heart of things and it's hard to get on board with any of it because many characters are dysfunctional in different ways. We're all 5 episodes in and it feels like a tough sell still.

For more "serious" television, we're still keeping up-to-date with The Acolyte every week while steadily working through the second season of Star Trek: Prodigy. I definitely like the latter show a bit more, but the former is still pretty good Star Wars. We're somewhat keeping up with House of the Dragon, but it's not priority watching and at times we can be an episode or two behind and not feel too bad about it.

What has become the steadier source of entertainment of 9-1-1 since it's fairly compelling but also doesn't require as much brain power. So it's the kind of show we watch while multi-tasking other things and the fact that it's in English (versus being subtitled) also makes it a good choice for easy watching. Normally we go for a sitcom or something for this sort of entertainment, but this works too - and I say this despite some of the more visually traumatic accidents that the crew gets involved with.