02D3E: Monday Tidbits

Monday - Tsujiri Sundaes

It's the start of another workweek and things weren't too crazy this time around. It's early enough in the week, of course, but I'll choose to be optimistic. Plus I feel like the month is off to a pretty good start and we're just going to keep pushing. 

The LG service center called back and confirmed that they'll be able to pull out the machine on Thursday, so that's something settled. I had prepared a small load of essentials in need of washing and those will be ready for pick up tomorrow, so we'll stay functional. It'll take them a week or so to repair it, so I'll continue to "triage" our laundry so we wash mainly what's needed until the machine comes back. It's not really a cost thing but more of me wanting to wash our clothes myself, but we'll see how it all balances out. I already feel like I'll need to prep another batch of clothes to leave when I pick up the clean clothes tomorrow.

We wrapped up today with a grocery run and things were pretty okay. Weirdly no okra, so our sinigang will have to go without for now. And while we're not dropping red meat entirely, I have been making a conscious shift to more seafood as part of our meal mix. This includes changing out convenience goods like sausages to fish-based equivalents instead. They're actually not that bad and it does add a bit of variety to things.

I'm still quite behind for my reading goals but I've been diving into the Ultimate Fantastic Four books since I've run out of Spider-Man books to read as supplementary material. And I'm still enjoying my exploration of Alexis Hall queer romance books, although the one I'm reading now is definitely way "spicier" than the last three I've read. It makes for lighter reading in the interim until our family book club gets started on the next big book.

And that's our Monday for now.