02D3D: More Saturday Gaming Updates

Sunday - Mythwind

 We definitely had a lot of fun with our game night despite fewer players than our usual. So here's another game breakdown.

We first facilitated a Star Trek: Cryptic mission for our host as she's also a big Star Trek fan and had purchased a copy of the game for herself. We already finished the game so were in a good position to help get her started and she definitely had a lot of fun.

Our first big game was an overdue session of Mythwind, which is our ongoing campaign game usually with our Friday night game group. As we haven't been able to meet recently and everyone was part of this game session, we brought the game along. What was kind of bonkers was Tobie playing a session of Targi on the side with the last player who wasn't part of our campaign to make sure she didn't feel left out. I suppose you can argue that the cognitive load needed for Mythwind isn't too high such that running a second game is totally possible, but it's still funny to watch.

Once everyone was present, we brought them through a large session of Trailblazers, which felt even more annoying with a higher player count. It's not easy to build those paths and the whole table was groaning over the challenges of the cards going around during the draft.

We then split into two groups. The other group decided to embark on a Mage Knight introductory session with a full 4 players. Meanwhile, our side started with a 3-player session of Wyrmspan followed by a round of Splendor: Pokemon as we finished our game earlier. The Mage Knight game took quite a while such that our side (down to 2 players) still had time to play SailGodzilla: Tokyo Clash, and Town 77 as they finished their initial session. It was a good thing that we brought a good mix of long and short games for scenarios just like this. 

Today was spent watching a lot of 9-1-1  followed by a good walk around BGC. Tonight's walking topics included everything from comics that we're reading to other bits related to the move South next year. Tobie may have come up with a really good avenue to explore to help me with some of my transportation concerns related to the move and I'm kinda excited to see how this will go. 

And that's the weekend. We have an O Bar night and some other games scheduled for next weekend, so maybe my blogs then will sound a little different.