02D3C: Friday Night Game Update

Saturday - Godzilla Tokyo Clash

 You know the drill - the weekend has started with a lot of board games, and I'm going to talk about them.

We've finally revisited playing The Initiative after a single trial session back in 2022. We've been meaning to add a campaign-style game to our Friday game nights just to keep things interesting an when we don't have everyone available for Mythwind, which is our other Friday game night campaign. This one is all about decoding messages and solving puzzles with an interesting narrative framework. We went through the first three chapters together and had a really good time. The game has a total of 14 chapters for us to go through and who knows how many puzzles we'll need to work out.

As there were only three of us, it was a good chance to explore some of the games that we hadn't tried playing just yet. We started with Godzilla: Tokyo Clash, which is something that Tobie just managed to acquire on the secondhand market. We've played a number of Kaiju-related games over the years but this felt genuinely fun and nicely captured the feel of the different monsters. I'd go as far as saying we enjoyed this a lot more than more popular games with this theme like King of Tokyo. It's a shame that it didn't seem to get all that popular for one reason or another. And it doesn't help that the publisher, Funko Games is no longer in business.

We finally play with our Collector's Edition copy of Project L and that's always a solid experience. We still need to get around learning how to play all of the expansion content at some point. I'm still super glad that we have it. Then we brought out Ni No Kuni II: The Board Game, which is based on a computer game that we haven't actually played but at least it's a familiar franchise. Tobie had gotten it on sale and it's a pretty decent game but also a rather short one. 

Our final game for the night was Reykholt by Uwe Rosenberg. Tobie and I had played it once during the lockdown period just to learn the rules and I figured it would be good to bring it out again. We had to re-learn the rules as it had been so long, but it still made for a good ending to our game night. 

We have a longer game night ahead today because it's that time of the month. We've mapped out a ridiculous number of games to bring with us because it's always better to have too many than too few. And you can expect a longer report come tomorrow.