02D37: Mid-Year Projections

Monday - Sausage Omelet

Hello, July. Welcome to the second half of the year, folks - if you're into this sort of market.

Family plans continue to progress and we should get moving as well. We have the general shape of a plan for ourselves in terms of what we need to accomplish this quarter and the more serious hustle come the fourth quarter of this year. Then we'll be ready for a fresh start come January. Starting is always the hardest part, of course. But we'll figure things out eventually.

In lighter news, my efforts to cram as much LGBT fiction into the tail end of Pride Month has introduced me to the joys of Alexis Hall because of his book Boyfriend Material. It turned out to be quite a delightful book even though I was initially worried that it fit into the queer romance sub-genre of "fake relationship" titles. But it turned out to be very well-written - or at least written in a manner that strongly resonates with the dryer side of my sense of humor. And I thoroughly enjoyed the experience enough to blitz the book yesterday and immediately get started on its sequel Husband Material

I seem to be getting increasingly sappy as I age. And while I still enjoy a good heavy science fiction book here and there, I have come to enjoy these little romance excursions, provided the characters aren't overly stupid. The coming-of-age books are a major mixed bag and tend to involve a lot of stupid kids. But I'm now finding enjoyment in books with characters who are at least in their 30s and are still quite reckless and silly at times, but generally more mature overall. But's a fine line to dance and most of the books in this genre are very hard to get through. But that's just how it goes.

Now back to processing O Bar videos.