02D18: Weekend Escape


Friday - Banchan

We've crossed over into Malaysia for the weekend because everyone needed a break. It has been a very busy May and I suppose it makes sense to get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore and just relax into the more relaxed vibes of Johore. We have no firm plans for how we'll spend the weekend - a lot of things depend on what the weather is going to be like (and the forecast is not great). But just staying in would be totally fine, too.

The change of pace is certainly welcome as I feel like I've been running numbers all week given a lot of plans I had to put together. It's good detailed work that isn't too crazy but it does require a lot of thought and consideration, like many things in our work lives. For the most part, I think I got a lot done and I'm happy with what I managed to come up with. We'll just see how things go from there.

Time really does fly when your workdays are filled back-to-back with different things. I'll be going home next Friday, so this is my last weekend away from home. Despite all the work stuff, I really am enjoying my time here and the nephews are really making the most of having Uncle around. It means needing to do a lot of weird things for the two and a fair bit of climbing for one reason or another. They can do the darndest thing and then tell me that they love me before I can get truly upset or anything. It's a good enough tactic, I'll give them that.

Let's see what adventures we're going to get into tomorrow.