02D17: Minor Update

Thursday - Subway Salad

There's one more day for this workweek and I can totally feel how everyone is chomping at the bit for the weekend. I still have a fair amount of things that need to get addressed before I can properly relax this weekend, but I'd like to think the end is in sight. Or something like that.

Last night I got to process the media album from my O Bar birthday celebration last year. That means I still have like 9 months of O Bar albums to process, which is about 18-20 albums, each with around 2,000 files per album. I'm waaaaay behind but I'll see if I can work on clearing more of them during this trip as I can do so in silence without bothering my sleeping nephews and such. But I also want to get more reading in, so I'm more than a little torn.

I will try to go through another album tonight. It still takes quite a bit of time to do so since the ideal way is to review each photo individually and not just skim thumbnails to find the blurry or less flattering ones. I went photo by photo for my birthday album and it was a LOT of work, but I still felt like it was worth the effort. 

I don't have much else to report from Singapore. I really do focus on getting work done while I'm here.