02D12: Rain Day


Saturday - Pulled Pork Salad

It has been raining pretty much all day, so we stayed indoors. We had initial plans of maybe going for a hike at one of the nearby parks or even just go walking around the area. But instead, we stayed indoors and made the most of things here. 

I got a fair amount of reading done, which was nice given how I've been behind my reading goal for the better part of the month. I toggled repeatedly between our current book club book, some Star Trek Voyager books and different digital comics. I still managed to hit my steps and help out here and there. I just need to find the time to update my Goodreads with my thoughts on the different books.

I've also had a LOT of nephew time starting with an early wake-up call. It has been a lot of ups and downs, which is the way of things with two toddlers. And we're talking about two boys, so you can imagine some of the hijinks they get into. But it's all in good fun and I get to be Uncle - mainly when they need something from me, but that's how it is.

We'll see what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. The boys could definitely use some outside activity time to help them burn off more excess energy. But the rains have been pretty steady, so I'm not super optimistic on that front.

Happy weekend!